General Meeting 4th February 2016

“My Life in Prison” A talk by Brian Ducker, about his life in the Prison Service.

Brian has been a Prison Officer in many prisons, starting with Strangeways and ending in Bristol.

Brian Ducker a former prison officer gave us an insight into life “behind bars”.  Brian worked in the prison service for over 30 years.  For those of us who remembered the television programme, “Porridge” with the late Ronnie Barker in the role of Norman Stanley Fletcher, he was the prison officer Mr Mackay personified.  If something untoward was going on he knew about it!  Brian explained his role was simply to ensure that none of his guests escaped, but when he advised as to the daily menu and particularly that for Christmas and Boxing Days one wondered why on earth they would wish to escape.

Laughter occurred when Joe Reilly, leader of  the Architecture & Design and Woodwork groups indicated he had been inside Parkhurst Prison ……. quickly clarifying it was in a building capacity and not as an inmate!  A most interesting talk and one which will surely generate quite a lot debate about our penal system.

Penny Thomas