Gardening Group North Visit Aberglasney,

                                                                        Photos: Colin Hankinson, Ben Goodman & Geoff Winterman

This month’s meeting found members of the Group, plus others, on their way to Aberglasney, inspired by the talk in February, given by Joseph Atkins the Head Gardener.  The weather promised fine as we set out by coach arriving some twenty minutes before Joseph’s guided tour of the gardens.   We followed him, pausing here and there to admire his Hellebores and Trilliums (commonly known as Wood Lily) about which he had spoken, at length   in February obviously a favourite but not to all tastes!

Much of the box hedging has now been removed, to be replaced with a variety of Ilex, which has a similar look but does not suffer with box blight.  This is a garden of such variety, with large shaded areas abundant with Hellebores and Cyclamen, although the latter, are no longer in flowers and beds full of various shrubs and the odd magnificent magnolia.   A large flower bed overlooking the ornamental pond a mass of yellow tulips of various varieties inter planted with wallflowers although these have yet to come into bloom.  This area certainly had the wow factor! Joseph the Head Gardener confessed to disliking the colour yellow in the garden!  Our tour took approximately one and a half hours. As we approached the final corner, the sunken garden, planted with many deep orange tulips, spots of rain became apparent.

We headed for refreshments where we sat for almost an hour and watched the hail and heavy rain wondering when we would be able to leave the shelter and enjoy those parts of the garden we had not already seen, such as the vegetable garden and woodland area.  But soon the clouds cleared and the sun appeared as did we all from various areas.  The vegetable garden, yet to be in a productive state was neatly set out in diagonal rows (that’s a new twist) tripods of cane with young sweet pea plants at the base, and rows of broad beans, already in flower!  The woodland area so pretty again Hellebores in abundance and wild garlic just about ready to burst into flower.  Despite the dramatic weather and  overhead jets, the day was enjoyed, the weary travellers arriving home in time for tea!

Penny Thomas  14th April 2016