Texas Holdem Poker Group

Poker Hands

There are many forms of Poker, but Texas Holdem is the foremost version.  It is the form that is used in modern professional tournaments, because the skill element outweighs the luck element.

If you have enjoyed a friendly game of Poker (of any variety) in the past, then you are invited to join this new group.  Texas Holdem is easy to learn, and is great fun.  Full training will be given in the mechanics of the game prior to starting.

There shall be NO GAMBLING with real money.

Initially, we shall start with the same amount of chips each, and play for the fun of it.  Later, when we are all up to speed, we can think about tournaments, where the chip totals are carried from one session to another.

Currently there is no set date for sessions.  Instead we are holding weekly-ish training sessions, where we start with instruction, and follow up with an hours’ practical play.  Once the fundamentals are mastered then it will take many other sessions to master the arts of evaluating others’ hands from their patterns of play, their betting styles and involuntary signals.

If you are interested in joining in then please contact David Pinch on 01646 694149, or email davidpinch5213@btinternet.com.