February 2015 Monthly Meeting

Paul Woozley – Institute of Advanced Motorists


The first talk of the New Year was given by Paul Woozley, the Membership Secretary of the Institute of Advance Motorists (IAM).  This proved to be most thought provoking and was particularly aimed at the more mature driver.  Many of those present had held their driving licences for 50 years plus,  a period during which cars have become almost like computers on wheels. In fact we keep up to date with changes in our computer systems but have we kept up to date with changes in our driving techniques?  Possibly not.  Could we, for instance, identify some of the new road signs?

The Institute offers a Mature Driver’s Assessment which may be undertaken in your own vehicles for a nominal charge.   It was interesting to learn that, of those who undertook this assessment, some 90% were deemed adequate drivers whilst the other 10% were offered courses to improve matters.  Many of those in attendance asked a variety of questions from “should a car be left in gear when stationary” to “how to turn on the lights of my courtesy car?”.   I feel sure many will have driven home with Paul’s words ringing in their ears.   In short it was an enlightening and interesting talk but who will be brave enough to undertake the Assessment?  Not me.   I struggle to parallel park my car!

Penny Thomas

IAM Website – http://www.iam.org.uk/