Group Leaders/New Members Meeting

On the morning of 30th March the above meeting was held at the hall in Merlins Bridge.

Without our Group Leaders we would not have a U3A and equally without a flow of new members we would fade away. The meeting included nineteen Group Leaders and ten new members.  It was pleasing to see so many group leaders who introduced themselves indicating their own group and representing those Leaders who were unable to attend.

The discussion was lively with a new member keen to join the Mah Jong group and others expressing an interest in one of the, always popular, walking groups and the table tennis.  We are most fortunate in the number of diverse groups on offer; the new members became aware they could have both their bodies and their minds exercised!

Should you have an interest not covered by one of the groups why not start your own?  The committee and the National Resource Centre will give you as much help as you may need in setting up a group.

May I on behalf of the Committee extend a big thank you to all the Group Leaders who give freely of their time enabling us to have a great and growing U3A.

Penny Thomas

30th March 2016