Annual Art Exhibition

19th to 25th August Carew Community Hall

The above was held at Carew Community Hall during the period of 19th August up to August Bank Holiday Monday.  This year the exhibition also celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Pembrokeshire U3A. This annual event is not about how much we sell, although this is a bonus, but it is a showcase of work carried out by mixed ability artists who are proud to exhibit their work for the pleasure of others.  Rightly so, as there are very talented people amongst the “Third Age”, and the therapeutic effect is a bonus to all partakers and observers.

The Exhibition was very successful and many thanks extended to U3A members for their kind support.  If anyone would like a further update of the quality and standard of the exhibits on display, they can see a fuller description in The Tenby Observer, available now.  Many thanks go to our professional artist Mr. George Lewis who gave the exhibition the report that appears in the aforementioned newspaper. Apologies for any missed names or incorrect descriptions as it was impossible to receive a draft before publishing.

Thanks are also, extended to the members of Carew Community Hall for allowing the Art Groups the availability of this wonderful venue on an Annual basis.

Muriel Davies