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  1. James Sherriff

    Hello, I am a new member (No 1389 ) have tried to access the forum but the registry is closed, can you help ?

    1. Geoff Winterman

      Sorry your post seems to have been missed, James. No we don’t seem to have any practical music groups active at the moment, except for our “Singing for Pleasure Group”. I bet if you enquired you might well find like minded members interested in a get together. Get back to me if you want something put in the next Newsletter.

  2. David Haughton

    I have tried to access the ‘new’ website but without success. I am not ‘computer savy’ and what was wrong with the old format? Could you please tell me how to access the new one with the access of the U3A Rovers walks on it, otherwise I might have to let my membership lapse!

    1. Mike Wort

      Hello David,

      I’m sorry you can’t get connected. There is no password needed to access most of the website at: https://pembrokeshireu3a.org.uk

      If you mean the Members’ Area then the new password is printed on your latest membership card. Simply enter it in the Password box when you try to access the Members’ Area and either press Return or click on Enter and you should be able to see everything.

      Lastly, if you mean the Forum, then this has a seperate password which is under the controll of Geoff Winterman.

      Please let me know if you still have problems and also exactly where you are getting the problem and I’ll give you some more help.

      Mike Wort