Sci-Tec is now based at the Merlins Bridge Welfare Hall. For details of the programme please refer to the Current Newsletter.
There are two main themes being offered at present: Astronomy and Evolution of Life.

In Astronomy we have a variety of topics including recent exploration of the Solar System by a multitude of probes and superb imaging by earth based and satellite telescopes utilising various parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. We have been looking at the inner Planets recently and will be examining the problem of Asteroids and near Earth encounters and possible collisions before moving on to the exploration of the Gas Giants and their multitude of moons. John Bayliss who was involved in Astronomy in his Second Age will be examining the ‘Life and Astronomical Times of Fred Hoyle’ in April.

The Evolution of Life on Earth involves an amazing series of events which threatened to wipe out any possibility of any continuing pattern of evolution. However, in spite of searing heat and destruction by asteroid impacts, massive outpourings of lava and toxic gases, complete freezing of the planet’s surface, life has emerged and been able to survive several near complete extinctions. These events form the subjects of our present studies as we examine the pattern of evolution of life.

Remarkably, 545 Million years ago in what is known to Geologists as the Cambrian Explosion a wide variety of life forms appeared in the fossil record. These animals later evolved into all the life forms we find today.

Graham Goodeve,