Enjoying Books

There are several groups that enjoy reading and discussing set books.

Enjoying Books 1

We meet every first Monday of the month, 2.30pm at 3 Trevaughan Close, Haverfordwest. If there is not a named book then we have a general discussion on books that we have enjoyed.
We are ten members (ideal number for a good discussion). Discussion is led by the member who chose the book, and who also supplies the after-talk cakes.
The choice of books has been varied – old and new authors, fiction/biography/travel etc.
Contact: Sonia Nicolle : 01437 710542 : sonianicolle@me.com

Enjoying Books 2

We meet on the first Monday of each month at 2.00pm at Joscelyne Hanby’s house.
Contacts: Joscelyne Hanby : 01437 76716
Mary Houseman : 01437 541338 :  mchouseman@btinternet.com

Reading for Pleasure

We meet normally on the second Monday of the month (although this can sometimes change) at 2.30pm, at Rhoda’s house.
This group endeavours to read one book a month to be discussed at the following monthly meeting. We try to obtain as many copies of books from the Public Library, thereby saving us money and keeping the Library going.
We are a lively group of ladies who love literature and we do try to read worthy but lighter books.
Contact: Rhoda Pereira : 01646 600497 : rhodaper@yahoo.co.uk

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