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    Hi all
    I know it is only March and the workshop day is planned for September (I think) but time seems to pass more quickly these days. :(  After being on the periphery of the one last year I can see that a lot of pre-planning is required and even then it doesn't all work out.
    From my perspective I noticed the problems on that day included:-

    • Finding files and how to find ?lost? files
    • How to stop a program that has been inadvertently downloaded (we have all done it …clicked on a program to see what it is like only to find it has downloaded an annoying popup or worse)
    • Connecting to the Internet
    • Installing programs
    • [/list] Now we know Geoff is the font of all knowledge  ;) :D with computers but even he needs some guidance as to where to pitch the day.

    • Basic all day
    • Basic morning more in depth afternoon
    • Split sessions
    • ????
    • [/list] So come on, give Geoff some ideas of what you want out of the day.
      As for the venue I thought the hall was quite good with parking close by and refreshments in the form of the Horse and Jockey next door.  The computer facilities were ok, and now we know the system we can improve the way they are managed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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