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    Has anyone else made the stupid mistake of going to Windows 8 – 8.1 despite being warned by Adam
      I also got Outlook as I had always used it before – this was an extra buy! Also got Word 2013 and Publisher 2013!  All because as this is most likely to be my last computer I thought I would be up to date and then maybe they wouldn't get round to changing things for a long while!!
    It is  – to me anyway – totally unlearn able – as it is to two other friends in the UK and one in the states! It seems to do the most unexpected things – I cannot fathom why or how!  I am away from tomorrow evening until almost New Year and am not going to miss the computer for a while for sure!
    Once back I would love to meet someone else who is having problems and hear about how they have sorted things out or not!  Have not been to a computer meeting before but will most certainly try to come along in the New Year – that is if haven't thrown the computer out the window!  :(

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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