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    Good morning all,

    I got tired of waiting for the Windows 10 automatic update and downloaded the files on 29 August. The download took one hour. The installation took 4 hours! But ran quite happily on its own.

    It slowed my laptop. All the old programs worked but much slower. I missed Internet Explorer. The desktop is very similar to 8 and my old icons came up as usual.

    But I decided that I did not like it and reverted to 8.1 on 3 September!

    I think I much prefer this and it is quicker. The reversion took half an hour! I found that it took so long to install 10 as it reloaded about 10 programs. These now seem to have reverted.

    So its 8.1 for me and the hidden app to give a Windows 7 desktop!

    Regards, John

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