What skeletons do you have in your cupboard?

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    What skeletons do you have in your cupboard?
    Top 10 as ranked by Saga Legal!!!

    We reveal the top ten Skeletons Britons rather didn’t see the light of day.

    10 Skeletons NOT to leave in the cupboard according to recent Saga Legal Solutions research

    1.Secret debt – anything from IOU's to broken promises – but money owed can be a shock to those left behind, and who may have to pay it back….

    2.Diaries and journals – these are fine if they are simply retelling happier times or loving memories, but recalling times of sadness, despair and hopelessness will distress loved ones, who will blame themselves for not spotting the signs

    3.Private photographs – of places you shouldn’t have been to, people you shouldn’t have been seen with, things you shouldn’t have done. Get rid of them now!

    4.Internet browsing history – X-rated sites top the list, don’t get caught out!

    5.Racy underwear or dirty laundry – hope there isn’t too much of the latter, which can sometimes be unavoidable, but dump the former along with any other compromising items

    6.A stash of secret money – tragic if you had forgotten about it, and could have spent it well…but fun for your heirs to discover later

    7.Love letters to an old flame – never a good idea, leaving resentment and hurt. Burn while you can

    8.Love letters to a current secret lover– real trouble. It’s best not to keep them, tear as you go!

    9.Secret Subscriptions – whether it’s for digital sites, lads mags or dodgy clubs. Add up how often you use them and cut loose now before it’s too late

    10.Betting slips – Another tragedy if they were winners, so what is the point of keeping losing tickets? Also check any old lottery scratch cards.

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