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    Homework….. Can you prove if the following statements are true of false?
    ? Rain gave us? Inspector Morse and the sliding tackle
    ? Wind ? brought us Protestant monarchy  & the greatest turn around in Ashes history (Headlingley  ?91)
    ? A Hail Storm gave us Norwich Union Insurance company
    ? A Sunny afternoon gave us ?Alice in Wonderland? & allegedly a Tory victory in the 1992 election
    ? A Blizzard gave us Elizabeth David?s Cookbooks
    ? Storms ? gave us the pencil / Norfolk Broads / the lifeboat & the weather forecast.

    Placing you Weather Station on the Web

    Most ISPs offer web space so you should have no difficulty uploading an active weather website, for all to see, but if not you can get Cumulus to upload your data to:
    ? PWS Personal Weather
    ? Weather Underground
    ? Twitter
    ? The Met Office will be opening a special site for us to feed our data to later in the year

    Weather Station Control Software

    Webcam Control software

    Weather Forum

    Recommended Reading
    ?The Cloudspotter?s Guide? by Gavin Pretor-Pinney
    ?The Wrong Kind of Snow? by Antony Woodward & Robert Penn

    Other Interesting References
    Bill Foggitt, weather watcher and Yorkshire legend.
    The Darlington & Stockton Times dated Friday 17th Sept 2004
    Cumulus User Map
    My Weather Station

    Geoff Winterman May 2011

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