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    A Sincere Vote of thanks to Geoff Winterman for Leading the Computer & Information Technology Group for the last five years

    A vote of thanks and with sincere appreciation to Geoff for leading the Pembrokeshire U3A Computer Group for the last  5 years.
    Although a personal message I am sure the sentiments will be supported by the overwhelming majority of U3A Computer Group attendees both past and present. His leadership was always well balanced and informative and receptive to the wide range of computer related, often user induced, problems!. Geoff was also careful to ensure the group was made aware of new releases and to keep us up to date both with hardware and software changes.
    Like many others I often admired Geoff's patience when trying to help with problems and difficulties, perhaps a talent from his teaching days, and he was especially tolerant and genuinely interested with us less than competent PC and laptop users.

    As with most volunteering efforts the majority of the work is not seen by the beneficiaries. The number of behind the scene hours Geoff must have spent in preparation and follow up for the meetings, ably supported by Rowena I am sure, was truly commendable and this does not include the numerous one to one assistances and “hands on” help he gave to many members with their computer and related problems.

    Geoff, & Rowena who has dedicatedly supported Geoff, deserves a well earned and overdue rest from the leadership duties and we are much the worse off for the loss but which is totally understood and are grateful for the time he afforded for our benefit. Best wishes and health and happiness to them both.
    Many Thanks Geoff.

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