Ventus GPS 730 data logger

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    This thread probably is relevant to other forums on this site and perhaps the moderators will link them. 
    Have just bought one of these, I am fed up of taking pictures and then trying to locate them where we were at the time.

    Well no need to any more, The little machine above logs your journey by GPS (can be set for car, bike or walking) which can then be downloaded onto Google earth so you know exactly the route you took, When, Speed etc etc etc. With the software provided it will also link your photos to the place where they were took and put them in order.

    Just to flesh that out a bit…
    The logger just keeps a log of the lat/long and time. You tell them how often to make a log entry – every 30 seconds to once a day!
    The camera writes a small data file and makes it part of the photo file. It is called the EXIF data and includes the time amongst other things.
    The software looks at the EXIF data in the photo and then looks up that time in the loggers data.
    The Lat & Long are then written into the EXIF of the photo file.
    Now you just need the photo and a map, such as Google to show where each photo was taken. Just make sure you don't use a package on your photos that doesn't write the EXIF data.

    The Google Earth file (kmz) I intended to attach is too large for this forum.  PM me if you would like to see one, it shows route and pictures taken this morning.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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