Update 3rd Dec. -Comet ISON has been burnt up – or has it- Yes it has!!!!

Welcome to Pembrokeshire U3A Forums Astronomy Group Update 3rd Dec. -Comet ISON has been burnt up – or has it- Yes it has!!!!

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    :(One of the most spectacular sights in the sky, have we heard that before ?!! ::), is supposed to be comet ISON passing within 600,000 miles of us, Whew!,and is supposed to peak in intensity on the 28th November but is currently visible if you know where to look.

    See :- http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/11/15/comet-ison-visible-naked-eye_n_4279325.html?ref=topbar

    Comet ISON is roughly heading towards the centre of our Solar System. It will pass within 1.2 million miles of the Sun’s surface on 28th November when it reaches perihelion (the point when its at its closest to the Sun) before being whipped around to head back ‘roughly’ in the direction it came. As comet ISON makes its outbound journey, it will pass over the northern hemisphere of Earth at a distance of around 40,000,000 miles on 26th December. If ISON lives up to the hype, you could expect to see the Comet with the unaided eye anywhere between the middle of November until the middle of January 2014 (depending where you are on the planet)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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