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    Some of this group may have noticed that the link from our website to the Science Network site no longer worked.

    I queried this (and suggested linking to http://u3asitec.org.uk/live/code/u3asite.php?site=285&page=1 which gives seminar information) and received this information in the reply to my questions about the future of this network:

    John Naylor has taken down the Science Network site, and is not responding to messages. Colin Mitchell is the U3A Science Network co-ordinator, but is seeking a replacement before he retires from the position in March.  Therefore the Science Network is in limbo.
    The u3ascienceseminar site is just for the science seminar, which is still going ahead.  I'd be happy for you to link in to this – the more publicity the better.

    A second reply relayed from John Naylor reads: The web site is now hosted by the Cheltenham Science U3A ( http://www.zen182813.zen.co.uk/ ) and can be reached using the original URL (not so). The person who took it over is David Causey. He does not intend to keep it up to date.    John Naylor

    They obviously need a new leader for the network.  Does anyone in our group wish to take up the challenge?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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