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    I keep my digital photo collection on an external drive.  Today I tried to access them and received the dreaded warning window “Drive 'F' cannot be accessed”.  Tried all I could to access it but Windows would not read it at all.

    Checking the cable I realised that it had somehow got pinched or damaged (I suspect in my cupboard door or drawer) and it was badly kinked and the wires were exposed………….

    Changing the cable did not help so the drive was obviously corrupted, so I've had to reformat it.

    Now here's the lesson for all you computer users –

    I regularly backup all my data so I have only lost the images I downloaded from my camera after the visit by the grandchildren last weekend, and those raw images still reside in my camera.  So apart from a bit of extra editing (last weekends images) and a long session copying the imaged back to the external drive from the backup – all should be well.

    I always leave the raw images in the camera until the flash card is full so I also keep a second collection of original untouched raw images, that I remove from full camera card and put these on an old 3.5 inch drive.  With me about once every four or five months unless we go on an expedition.

    I think this means a disaster has been reduced to an inconvenience!


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