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    Interesting article from the Guardian

    Thinking about buying a laptop for her seven-year-old son. She wants him to learn something, not just play games


    I'm thinking about getting a laptop for my seven-year-old son and I'm looking for ideas. He's keen on playing games, but his dad is very wary of it, especially given recent research that has criticised it as a learning tool. I'm hoping that I can interest him in using the computer for things other than shooting games and collecting bananas. I'm also concerned about his safety and security. We have an iMac, which I use professionally, and I'd like to keep him off that too. But I'm not a Mac nut ? I also have a Samsung netbook. What would you suggest?
    Su Butcher

    Netbooks are great starter computers for kids, because they are small and light, reasonably cheap, and have good battery life. Much of the netbook design thinking came from Intel's Classmate project, and Asus launched its first netbook into the UK education market in October 2007, as I reported at the time…………… FOR FULL ARTICLE CLICK LINK ABOVE.

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