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    Welcome Everyone, especially T T Players to our own slot on the Forum.  Hopefully we can exchange information and views, both ways, regarding our Group.  Any observations from non group members would be ok too!
    It's been a busy start this year, with :-
    1.  A visit from an international coach  2.  Our Group trip to Carmarthen  3.  Meeting and playing against Dinas Club members at H/West Leisure Centre.
    1.  With regard to the Coach attending another session please let us know if you would like Neil's return.  I am sure Jean (Pollard) will arrange for this to happen.
    2.  It was a dark, clear, moonlit night, we were speeding along the A477 near St Clears in a three car convoy, when a voice from the back seat exclaimed “I never thought I would be out this late in a group heading for a distant Leisure Centre to play Table Tennis at a 14 Tabled Club and dressed for the part”!  The voice belonged to a silver haired senior lady who later went on to give a very good account of herself with her forehand power shot.  This is how it was for all the group on the visit.  We had a great time, were very well received and invited back.
    3.  The  H/West Leisure Centre visit was again a very enjoyable visit, with 22 Players on good form with 8 visitors from the Dinas area, providing a challenge in two hours of non stop friendly competitiion.  However, they did have a secret weopon in the shape of a young athletic New Zealand male who seemed to be popular with all the ladies!  On this occassion a very expensive Table Tennis Bat went missing, consternation!, however, it  eventionally did turn up.  in a very safe, unmentiionable place!
    As we mentioned at the beginning, hopefully, readers comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    PLAY AND ENJOY!…………………………Terry & Barbara

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