The House of the Falling Rain!

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    Look what Stumbled upon on a blog!  Is he/she right in their judgement of Haverfordwest?
    Friday 9 September 2011: The House of the Falling Rain
    I'm in the French quarter of New Orleans! In my imagination.
    In reality, it's Haverfordwest on a wet day. One of the many civic scandals of this down-at-heel town is the deplorable state of this architectural gem, a Georgian building in Barn Street that looks just like one of the balconied houses for which Lousiana's historic port was famous (before it became more famous for Hurricane Katrina.)  As long as I have known it this place has been empty and dilapidated, the wisteria so conjoined with the wrought-iron work as to support it as much as the scaffolding that itself is rusting with age. Look through the letterbox and you see that the interior has been ripped apart and left to deteriorate…………………… For more click here

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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