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    Hi all- 44 walkers assembled for a Bank Holiday Monday “easy walk” around Rosemarket.
    The group assembled at the Huntsman Inn car park and set off in good and dry and very pleasant weather conditions.
    The first “gentle incline” out from Rosemarket made nine of the group stop to seek sustenance & blessing from the Holy Well emanating from the road side rock face. :)
    The remainder of the walking group crested the hill and by the time the now  “blessed” walkers reached the top the rest of the party had disappeared – no their prayers had not been answered!!!.. ;D
    Despite several but unfortunately futile attempts for the now separated groups to reunite it was concluded to press on in different directions.
    Eventually the groups recombined, largely by accident!, at the river crossing above the Westfield Pill Lakes.

    The group met U3A member and regular walker David Bowen purely by chance on the bridge and advised that he had suffered a recent & severe motor cycle accident from which he is now fortunately recovering. 

    The Group returned to the Huntsman Inn via the old Neyland to Johnston rail track route where a very welcome and enjoyable lunch was enjoyed by approx. 35 of the group.
    A vote of thanks was proposed by Wendy Proctor as Group Leader to Brian & Jean Griffiths as Walk Leaders which was warmly supported by the group.
    The full walk was approx.. 3.6 miles long and the  “blessed” walkers route was approx. 2.7 miles long.
    Attach a few photos for you.

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