Short Walk Pembroke 1st December 2014

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    Hi all- thirty four walkers met up at the Pembroke Commons car park for an enjoyable and leisurely approx. three mile walk around Pembroke Town.
    The route took the walkers  around the South Quay pond with fine views of the 12th Century Castle.
    After circling the castle walls  past Wogan’s cave the route progressed along the moat side towards the 13th/14th Century Barnard’s Tower which used to house a garrison of  defending troops to protect the vulnerable East side of Pembroke but is now home to a roost of bats.
    After a short road section the group safely traversed the Holyland Nature Reserve to return via the main road back into Pembroke.
    Lunch was taken at Brown’s Fish and Chip Bar which was enjoyed by 24 of the walkers.
    A vote of thanks was made by Helen Lewis John to the walk leader Colin Hankinson who was slowly recovering and patiently waiting for his fish and chips.
    Attach a few photos for you:-

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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