Short Walk Haverfordwest 21st July ’14

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    Hi all- forty one walkers thoroughly enjoyed a 3.7 mile walk around the Haroldston area of Haverfordwest which was new ground for many of the walkers.
    After meeting at the Glen Hotel the group traversed the roadways at Merlin’s Bridge and along Clay Lane to Haroldston.
    The weather was dry and warm with slightly raised humidity but the shade and breeze afforded by the tree lined shore route beside the Western Cleddau river, which leads up to Haverforwest, was very welcome.
    Bob and Carol gave very interesting historical context briefings at the Haroldston Mansion ruins (see for more information)  and Haroldston Church which were welcome respite stops for sweets and a chance for a breather on the walk!.
    The Glen Hotel was a most welcome sight at the end of the walk and an excellent lunch was enjoyed by the majority of the walkers. :-
    A sincere vote of thanks was made by Wendy Proctor to Bob and Carol Matthews for organising the walk which was warmly endorsed by the group.
    Attach a few photos for you ……… 

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