Short Walk Fortune’s Frolic & Planning Meeting 20th January 2014

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    Hi all- 30 walkers, and two stragglers  ;)!!, thoroughly enjoyed a walk from Haverfordwest’s Fortune Frolic of approximately 2.5 miles along the river bank then up to the Uzmaston road and Church with return to the Frolic’s Car Park.
    The conditions were lovely and sunny above , with initial light drizzle which quickly cleared, but underfoot was understandably muddy and claggy following the recent heavy rain.
    The walk was terminated earlier than normal to allow time for the walk across the river to the Bristol Trader for the Meeting.

    Wendy Proctor as Group Leader proposed a sincere vote of thanks to the walk leaders for organising the walk, namely Hazel Absolom and Sheila Davies, which was warmly supported by the attending group.
    Two non-walkers on the day – Rosemary Battelly and Lou Bulmer were warmly welcomed for the lunch.

    The Planning Meeting to establish the forthcoming years Short Walk Programme was led by Wendy with the “slight” coercion  from her ;) that  ”…. No walk programme No lunch!!!!” which seemed to help to crystalize the members minds,  :),  and eventually the 2014 Short Walk Programme was fully finalised and assigned, with understandable slight clarification required for certain walks with regard to venue/location.
    Wendy will publish the collated Short Walk 2014 Programme in the near future.

    Attach a few photos for you as taken by one of the stragglers!  :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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