Setting up a SSD in a Desktop

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    I could do with some help with setting up a new SSD in my desktop  :(

    I have physically installed the SSD in the box.

    Formatted the SDD (GPT)

    Cloned the HDD contents to the SSD using Acronis hard drive software.

    Set the Boot sequence in the BIOS, and this is where I run into problems.

    The choices are

        Windows Boot Manager (WBM)



        DVD/CD (Can ignore this at the mo)

    With WBM as first boot it boots using the HDD

    If I don't put WBM first then it won't boot up

      (Putting either SSD or HDD first results in a blank screen)

    It seems that WBM directs the system to the HDD only.

    If I disconnect the HDD and have WBM as first boot I get a blank screen.

    So I can still use this PC as it boots up on the HDD.

    Any ideas?


    PS – I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 on the HDD, then upgraded to a SDD – so perhaps the best route is to start again and reinstall windows 10 on the SSD

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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