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    Reposted from the Computer Forum since it seems to be a regular question

    Powertoys for Windows XP includes a very useful image resizer.  This is integrated with the operating system so that right-clicking on an image file in Windows Explorer (or group of images) gives you a drop down menu item 'Resize Pictures'.

    This in turn gives you several defaults and a custom option for the new size.

    It produces a resized copy and does not alter the original (unless you tell it to!).  I would not advise ever changing the original.  The resized images are stored in the same folder as the original.

    The original powertoys are at:

    Windows Vista and 7 versions are available at:


    1. Download and run the appropriate  'Image Resizer' file.
    2. Reboot the computer if it asks you to.
    3. If necessary copy (drag and drop) the photos out of any zip folder to wherever you want to save them.  The next bit won't work inside a zip folder.
    4. Find the photo you wish to shrink and right-click on it.
    5. Select 'Resize Pictures' from the drop down menu.
    6. Make sure the box for “Resize the original pictures (don't create copies)” is NOT ticked.  This is usually hidden under the Advanced button.
    7. Choose a size and click on OK
    8. [/list]

      You should now find an extra photo in your folder which will be the size you selected (as well as the original).

      Edit: 24 Dec 2017 – Amended the link and confirmed that it still works on Windows 10


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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