Repair required on Laptop, i-pad,tablet, mobiles etc.?……

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    “Speak as you Find”
    Recently broke the power connector on my Hudl 1 making it useless since could not be charged.
    Had done 18 months of service, and misuse!, so could not complain.
    Seems to be a regular failure on the Mk 1 Hudl and checking on Amazon could have obtained a replacement connector unit for approx. £15 including postage and packing and looking at a YouTube instruction video looked like a “possible” but messy self-repair.
    Contacted some local PC repairers as an option which was expected to be financially prohibitive.
    Came across a local firm who have been in business for just over a year and who carried out a full repair for £25 which I think is a bargain.
    The company, Here To Buy Repairs, repairs mobiles, lap tops tablets etc. so may be worth bearing in mind.
    90 day Warranty on replaced parts.
    Here To Buy Repair- HTB,
    Unit 50,
    Honeyborough Industrial Estate,
    Tel: 01646-563286

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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