Renewing your Virus checker Subscription!

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    Maybe this would be worth bringing to the notice of U3A computer users.

    When I bought my laptop it came with McAfee Internet Security, when the time for renewal was approaching I received an e-mail from McAfee saying the price would be £50 for one computer for one year.

    Just by chance I was in a PC world store and noticed they were selling the same product for two computers  on a disc for £30 for one year. I e-mailed Mc Afee to say I would not be renewing the subscription as I could buy the same product cheaper  in a store. The response was that they do not enter into competition with their retail distributers and therefore could not price-match.
    I reiterated “cancel my subscription” within minutes they e-mailed a reply, ” we value your custom and recognize we must reward loyal customers with price discounts” The discount materialized as £25 for 3 computers! At half price for more, It pays to ask.

    regards Jr

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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