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    I wish someone could point me to a digest of the editorials written by Rebekah Brooks in her time as editor of the “Sun” and the “News of the World” …… just so that I can browse through and confirm the extent of her hypocrisy!
    Here is one I found ….. the italics are mine!

    Published: 03 Dec 2008
    HARINGEY'S decision to keep paying suspended children's “welfare” chief Sharon Shoesmith is an intolerable outrage.  What are they waiting for? Why isn't she already out on her ear?  This brazen, box-ticking bureaucrat has already drawn ?150,000 in blood money from the public purse since she let poor Baby P die.  She deserved to go the moment the facts were known, along with other social workers who failed the tot.  Council chiefs apologised, grudgingly, but still don't get it. The people of Britain will not rest until this rotten borough is swept clean from top to bottom.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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