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    Photo Group was entertaining yesterday in all the wrong ways!  Our esteemed leader, Myles, had obtained an excellent, in-depth DVD on Close-up & Macro Photography.  Unfortunately he was called away so, ‘yours-truly’ agreed to show it to the group.

    Watching the first chapter at home I was brimming with confidence for the forthcoming meeting; however in the morning prior to the Group Meeting, I thought I would check it would work with my (then) trusty laptop.  To my horror it would not load!!!  Cursing the DVD I searched around for something else and found another DVD from a recent photo magazine that I thought might be a source for discussion………Armed with this I set off!

    Getting to the NAC I started setting everything set up and preparing to inform disappointed members that they were NOT going to explore the exciting world of close-up photography after all, but would be viewing a substitute DVD of unknown quality!  The following half an hour just went to prove what a patient lot amateur photographers are.  My computer kept shutting down and every time I restarted it something in the Windows operating system seemed to drop off.  Then the sound died, and though the DVD did seem to work everything else, sound, screen resolution etc. was all over the place.  In the end we got it going and sat through a mildly interesting exposition and brief demonstrations of:

    • Outdoor portrait photography
    • Colour Popping
    • A talk about wild life photography
    • And the basics of Landscape picture taking & blending exposures (see below)

    We then went on the try our hand at Colour Popping, which is the technique of turning the background of an image to black and white to help make the subject of the photo stand out.  Using Photoshop Elements we tried it out with a portrait of our missing leader (I hope he doesn’t mind)!
    After coffee we viewed and critiqued a number of images of ‘reflections’ provided my Les & Daphne who had missed our previous discussion.  One of Les’s images turned out to be a perfect example of how an image could be improved, and made more life-like by taking three [bracketed] photos, including a slightly under exposed and a lightly over exposed image, and then ‘blending them into the perfect photo as demonstrated on the DVD.  I think a number of us promised ourselves to go away and try this out.

    PS My thanks to everyone who came for their patience.  Interestingly when I got home I did the necessary “System Recovery” on my ailing laptop and it sprang back into life with all its old vigour – thank goodness.  I then popped Myle’s DVD in and it worked fine ………. So the moral of this tale is………………….? 

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