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    I think the website could and should be a very useful and speedy communication tool for the Pembrokeshire U3A branch.
    I think in the short term there will be the understandable inertia with regard to access and posting since every message board and interactive website have their own little nuances and procedures which takes a bit of getting used to. ::)
    In my experience however the U3A website, designed by Geoff W in conjunction with other I am sure, is pretty robust, largely intuitive and above all could be very useful  for the various groups.
    General impression is very good and my comments are all largely positive but to make the website even more useful need an  uptake by a larger proportion of the membership.
    Website promotion and demonstration, if possible, to the various groups would be a major assistance to this end IMHO.  :D

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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