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    My desktop has been crashing about every two days, some times it's twice in one day, other times it lasts for several days. Fortunately I've not lost anything important. The PC was new a year last May and is running Windows 7. Warranty now expired  :(.
    I have a free program installed called “Who Crashed” (www.resplendence.com) that will tell me what caused it to crash, but it needs a person much cleverer than me to be able to fix that particular problem  :-[. It reported that a core windows file was probably corrupt and mismanaging the RAM memory.
    So possible fixes :-
    1 – Fix corrupt file, I googled that but was left mystified.
    2 – Re-install Windows 7, this removes everything so I have to reinstall all the programs and then retrieve my files and pictures etc from a backup. (This is good if you are prepared to do as it removes a lot of clutter and speeds up the PC)
    3 – Upgrade to Windows 8, this has the option of keeping all my programs and files.
    I choose option 3, especially as I found Currys selling Win 8 Pro online for £49.99.  :) Microsoft are asking £189.99  />:(” title=”>:(” class=”bbcode_smiley” /><br />Windows 8 was installed last Tuesday afternoon and so far all is running well – lots of fingers crossed and touching of wood!<br />Will see how it goes and report in a week or two.</p>

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