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    ……….. notice his latest expedition!

    1986-1987 Bicycle from Chile to Alaska, a distance of 27,500 kilometers, passing through The Darien Gap.
    1989-1992 Bicycle from Norway to South Africa a distance of 33,000 kilometers, passing through the Sahara Desert.
    1994 –1996 Bicycle from New Zealand to Cairo traversing Asia, a distance of 30,000 kilometers.
    1997- 1998 Patagonia 3,000 kilometers by horse through Chile and Argentina.
    2000 A walk through Maasailand in Eastern Africa, Kenya and Tanzania, exploring all clans of the Maasai people.
    2004 Exploring the Kolyma River in North-Eastern Siberia. 3500 km:s by canoe and by skis in temperatures below -58 degrees Celsius. He and partner Johan Ivarsson carrying Explorers Club´s Flag 95.
    2011 Expedition Yemen By Camel Traveled from Zabid to Sanaa. 380 km:s really rough terrain just to show the world that Yemen is something totally different to what global media says.
    2012 Expedition Yemen By Camel; Crossing The Sands of Al Mahra. 350 km:s from Al Ghardaia to Rumah in the summer.  He and partner Tanya Holm carried Explorers Clubs Flag 179.
    2013 Expedition Frozen Frontier: Travelling through Siberia with reindeer and sleds.  Mikael travelled 650 km:s from Oymyakon to the village of Arkah. Temperatures reached close to -60 degrees Celsius during this February trip. He and  partners Slava Serginov, Tolya Andreyev, Vika Andreyevna, Yura Grigorovich Osenin. Egor Petrovich Makarov, Yura Stepanovich Berezhnev and Bolot Bochkarev carried Explorer Clubs Flag 179.
    2014 Expedition England With A Pram (Stroller). Mikael and his partner Georgia Villalobos walked and pushed Mikael´s daughter Sardana 490 miles in a stroller from Moss Side, Manchester to Buckingham Palace, London.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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