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    1. ?Shopping online, with no queues, no crowds and unlimited opening hours, is a gift for those of us who dread the thought of fighting for Christmas presents on the high street. It?s often cheaper, too.

    2. ?Don?t always assume the internet is cheaper, though ? in some cases we found better deals on the high street. Real bargain hunters use comparison sites to find the best price online but also check whether they could get it cheaper in a high street shop.?

    Shopping on the Internet
    a. Ebay
    b. Amazon
    c. Tesco
    d. The Hive
    e. Freecycle

    Why buy online – Local v the World
    a. Impact on traditional shops & businesses
    b. Massive changes social as a result in ICT
    c. Luddites! ?.. and a changing world music, film and now the printed world

    Getting the best ?deal? online
    Safe Shopping
    10 rules from 2000
                  1. Look for security
                  2. Deal with only businesses you can trust
                  3. Safer to shop with UK websites
                  4. Follow the Consumer Association Guides
                  5. Keep detailed records of your transaction
                  6. Take your time to buy
                  7. Check the site has a Returns Policy you accept
                  8. Do not respond to unsolicited emails, newsgroups and social network sites
                  9. Beware being seduced by ?Flashy? websites
                10          If in doubt contact the site and ?ASK!?
    Auction sites A guide to using internet auctions
                  i. Look at the feedback ratings of sellers based on comments from other buyers.
                    ii. Check the description, make, model and retail price of the goods. Be very cautious of “too good to be true” prices. If the item is collectable, enquire as to its authenticity.
                  iii. Find out what methods of payment the seller accepts before bidding. Are you willing to risk sending your payment before receiving the product? A credit card (look for the padlock symbol) offers the most protection if a problem arises. If the seller does not accept credit cards consider using an escrow service which holds your money until goods are delivered.
                  iv. Think carefully about how much you are willing to pay; once a price has been accepted you will be expected to pay.
                  v. Read the small print. Is postage included? How will the goods be posted? Do you need extra insurance? Is the seller from the UK? What action will you take if things go wrong? 
                  vi. You have fewer rights when you buy goods at an internet auction. In a private sale the goods must be described accurately, however a seller who is not acting as a business is not restricted by rules on satisfactory quality and fitness for purpose.
                  vii. If a problem arises, it may be more difficult to resolve than if you were buying from a shop. Some, but not all, auction websites offer complaints resolution processes or anti-fraud guarantees. Refer to the terms and conditions.
                  viii. If the person selling goods on an internet auction site is a business or trader, you retain your consumer rights.
                c.Credit Card issues
    You still get rights even if you only make part payment by credit card service you have bought must have cost over ?100 and not more than ?30,000.  However, you don't have to have paid the full amount on your credit card ? the card company is liable even if you made only part of the payment (a deposit, say) on your card.  It is the value of the goods you are buying that is key, not the amount paid on the card. For example, if you bought a car from a small local dealer and paid a ?500 deposit with your credit card and the balance of ?4,000 by cheque, you would be covered for the whole ?4,500.  Section 75 applies only to credit cards and not to debit cards or charge cards
    d. Buying from abroad
    EU safest source but people have purchase from the US and China
    e. Password managers:
    i. LastPass
    ii. RoboForm

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