NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 25th July "ALIENS the big think!

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    An Open meeting for all U3A members with enquiring minds on Wednesday 25th July at 10.30am in Merlin's Bridge Community Hall
    BBC DVD “ALIENS – The big Think”
    The hunt for aliens is on! After a distinguished career in cosmology Professor Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal, has taken up the search for extra-terrestrials. Looking for aliens is no longer science fiction – it is a question that's engaging some of the greatest minds in science.

    As our knowledge of the universe has increased, we're getting closer to answers. Many scientists now think we live in galaxy with a billion Earth-like planets, many of which may be teeming with life. But what kind of life? Has anything evolved into beings we could communicate with? This film gets inside the minds of the scientists considering one of the most exciting and profound questions we can ask – are we alone in the universe?

    Professor Martin Rees discusses the modern search for extra-terrestrials, and the theory that our idea of alien life is all wrong: that it's not organic life we should look for out there, but machines.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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