New Computer for Christmas

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    I had this message from Colin today.  I'm sure he will not mind me replying here as others may be getting a 'new' computer for Christmas.

    Hi Geoff-sorry I could not make the computer session on the 22nd Nov and trust you received my apology.  Could you please advise if U3A members can still receive discounted 2007? Microsoft Office software programmes since am still planning for computer change at Xmas!!!!.

    Well you are unlikely to get Office 2007 with a discount – but you could probably get a cheap copy off Ebay.  If you still have the original disks you could install it on your new machine.  As for discounted software as a U3A member, you will only get the latest version from them which in Office 2010 (with a free upgrade to Office 2013 due out soon). Take a look at

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