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    Well worth at the very least a couple of hours!

    Geoff Winterman 10/08/2017

    The property for the museum was purchased in 2001. After two years planning and preparation, work on the museum began in January 2003 and it opened on July 23rd  of that year. The idea behind the museum is to recreate as many “original” settings as possible so that visitors can not only understand the uses of the engines but see them in a typical environment.
    Originally there were two working ·Halls” with just 6 working engines and over the following 7 years, this has expanded to include over 80 working engines and a total of 180 on-site.  Over the years the museum has acquired some significant exhibits such as the ex Petter and Lister Factory Collections, the oldest working Diesel in the UK and the only large gas turbine to be run in a museum – the Proteus generating set.
    New exhibits are being worked on. Work on most of the large engines in the Hall 1 area is now nearly complete.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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