Most of your photographs will suck!

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    A quote from an article on Street Photography to re-assure you amateurs!……………………

    Most of your photographs will suck!

    “I always say that taking photographs is like taking notes – you take a lot of them in the hope you will make one that’s amazing. 

    A lot of people new to photography are disappointed by how many bad pictures they take.  Well here is a little secret: everyone, even pros, take lots of bad images.  Like a writer with piles of notes, the photographer must learn to edit his or her work and sift through a stack of pictures to look for that one strong image. I go out into the streets hoping to make one good photograph. Most of my images are a disappointment Sometimes I try things and they just don't work. 

    Photography for me is about learning to live with constant disappointment.  If photography was easy, every image we take would be brilliant.  Photography is hard because that great image is very difficult to get. When you do street photography you are working in an environment that you have no control over. People will get in your way the image will be gone before you raise your camera to your eye, the tight will change or you will get the focus wrong. A million things will not work when trying to take an image. A great image from street photography comes from perseverance, patience and complete focus on the task at hand.”

    Amateur Photographer July 11th 2015 page 12

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