January Meeting of the Computer Group

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    Another year has passed by and the world of IT continues to change and a develop – Wearable Tech is the next big thing I understand!

    Anyway our next meeting is on the 29th (EDIT: Whoops I mean the 22nd) at the usual place – The NAC restaurant area at 2.30pm. 

    We will be:
    1: reviewing plans for the 2015
    2: seeing is we have a new volunteer to coordinate the group (don't let this put you off coming as I'm willing to do another year if no-one else is interested! But I would like this to be my LAST year)
    3: Look at any new kit or Christmas presents anyone would like to flaunt!
    4: Trouble shooting as best we can
    5: If time permits I want to look at downloading and saving YouTube videos Gloria has asked me about this, and Ken would like us to take a look at deleting files from Tablet computers.

    No mince pies I'm afraid – they've all gone…………………………………….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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