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    I have taken the plunge and chosen the ipad  :)

    Have signed up with Apple, got the emails working (not configured icloud yet, one step at a time).
    I want to print from it via my PC desktop to a USB printer (not airprint enabled).

    Apple users should know what the above “gobble-de-gook” means!

    So I've found and downloaded “Printdirect” to the ipad and “Weprint” to the desktop.
    This allows me to print a sample page or a one line only message on to the printer, to print anything else I need to download an upgrade, costing £5.95. Everything else has been free so far.

    So I paid the money and downloaded the upgrade.

    The upgrade turned out to be a Free app that I had already tried that was only suitable for Airprint printers.

    So Apple users – how do you get the thing to print?

    A bit miffed Bob  :(

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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