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    “Your Very Loving Madeline”

    The British Postal Museum & Archive is delighted to present a talk about a love story transcending boundaries.

    Following the philatelic and postal history trail of a love story spanning the Victorian and Edwardian eras, the story is pieced together by collector Dane Garrod.

    Madeline Clifton, widowed at 32 and left with 7 children, later met and married a man 10 years her junior. The story that follows takes in military conflicts, overseas travel and relations with the high society of the time through a series of letters, diaries, photographs, telegrams and cards.

    Madeline was born 22 August 1847 as the eldest child of Sir Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw, clan chief. She married at the young age of 19, to a man of prospects, though not title. Harry Clifton died at the young age of 35 years on 30 March 1880, but not before fulfilling his duty as a husband, leaving his 32 year old wife with 7 children.

    From 1880 to 1888, she spent most of her time in a townhouse in London with her children. During her time in London, Madeline moved in the highest social circles, as the eldest child of a Baronet and with links to many of the aristocratic families of the land, including a close friendship with Princess Christian (Helena), third daughter of the Queen. By late 1888, she had met and become engaged to a man almost 10 years younger than herself, Sir James (Joe) Williams-Drummond of Edwinsford, Carmarthenshire, and they married on 30 January 1889. Madeline was then 41 and Joe was 32 and an ex-Guards officer with land, position and title.

    It was only when their only son died in 1970, all the letters that Joe Drummond had received through the years from 1872 to 1913, and those that he and Madeline wrote to each other from at least December 1888 onwards, were found. They reached the philatelic market some years ago, and are now being gathered together again. The letters reveal a fascinating story of social life of late Victorian and Edwardian times, and a love between Madeline and Joe that lasted the 17 years of their marriage.

    Talk by Dane Garrod
    To Haverfordwest Philatelic Society

    Your Very Loving Madeline

    On Thursday 31 May at 7.00pm
    at Haverfordwest Community Education Centre
    (Behind the Library).

    Please call Norman Jones on 01437 762613 to book your place.

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