Flying Scotsman and Tornado at the SVR !!!!…..

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    Hi all- had a planned visit to the Severn Valley Railway on 26th Sept. ’16 and had a pleasant surprise since both Flying Scotsman and the recently built Tornado Pacific’s were paying “guest” visits. :P :P
    Both engines were very impressive up close, when you could squeeze through the enthusiastic crowds!!, & for anyone who enjoys the “steam experience” can recommend a visit to the SVR if you have not been already.. ;D
    There are plenty of steam engines normally running including ex GWR Bradley Manor and the route is a good 16 mile run through rural scenery from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth. :)
    An impressive free museum is open to the public close to Kidderminster Station with lots of engine and track memorabilia including a local interest sign advertising the “New” Fishguard to Rosslare route circa 1906.
    Attach a few photos for you 

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