El Cielo de Canarias 2012 / The Light of Stars

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    El Cielo de Canarias 2012 / The Light of Stars – CLICK HERE

    The Light of Stars
    Video Credit & Copyright: Daniel L?pez (El Cielo de Canarias);  Music:  La Busqueda de Ianna (Epic Soul Factory)

    What's moving? Time lapse videos of the sky can be quite spectacular when they last long enough for stars, planets, aurora, and clouds to appear to move in just a few seconds. Pictured above, however, astrovideographer Daniel L?pez not only treats us to several inspiring time lapse videos of the night sky, but shows us how he used sliders and motorized cranes to move the imaging cameras themselves, creating a thrilling three-dimensional sense of depth. The video sequences were taken from Tenerife on the Canary Islands of Spain over the past two months, and show scenes including sunset shadows approaching Observatorio de Tiede, the Milky Way shifting as the sky rotates, bright planets Venus and trailing Jupiter setting, a reddened Moon rising through differing layers of atmospheric refraction, the MAGIC gamma-ray telescopes slewing to observe a new source, and unusual foreground objects including conic Echium wildpretii plants, unusual rock formations, and a spider moving about its web. The video concludes by showing the Belt of Venus descending on Mt. Teide as the morning sun rises.

    El Cielo de Canarias “The Light of Stars”
    Daniel L?pez elcielodecanarias.com

    Uniendo la t?cnica timelapse y la fotograf?a astron?mica se logra captar la verdadera belleza del paisaje y el cielo nocturno en un mismo v?deo, reproduciendo de forma real pero acelerada el movimiento del cielo. Lo que ocurre en horas o d?as podemos verlo en segundos. Lo que el ojo no puede ver por falta de luz, lo podemos captar y mostrar en forma de v?deo con unos colores y matices imposibles de captar durante el d?a.

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