Drama Group Ceases To Meet!

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    Nova reports on the Website that the Drama Group is reluctantly closing down ……

    Drama Group   We have enjoyed 3 years of workshops and performances  –  ranging from sketches at the U3A Christmas party, through contributions to our anniversary celebrations at the Withybush Pavilion, to an evening of Victorian Entertainment at the NAC – and ending with performances at a residential home and a day centre.  It's been good fun, but sadly our numbers have diminished  owing to ill health and general “wear and tear” and so we have decided to call it a day  ( what's the saying – ” old actors never die, they just fade away…. ” ?)  So hopefully someone “younger” and more energetic will ignite the ashes some time !!  Thanks to the  magnificent seven who stayed with it to the end for all the fun and friendship the group engendered  –  we had a Great Time!

    Anyone “younger” and more energetic willing to ignite the ashes some time soon?? !!  8)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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