"Contactless" Limit raised from £20 to £30 with most banks:—

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    “Contactless” Limit raised from £20 to £30 with most banks. :-

    People all over the UK are discovering how contactless payments are making a trip to the shops that much quicker. There’s more good news to come too, because the spend limit per transaction has increased from £20 to £30.
    If you’re already a contactless convert, you’ll know just how easy it is to use. When checking out at participating stores, just touch your card next to the terminal and your payment’s taken automatically.
    You’ll also be pleased to hear that contactless payments are still just as secure as before. For example, your card details are protected by the very latest anti-fraud technology, so it’s just like paying by Chip and PIN – and much safer than carrying cash around with you. Every so often, you might also be asked to enter your PIN during a transaction. This is just one of many checks we run to ensure it’s you that’s using your card and that everything’s in order.
    “The new transaction limit from £20 to £30 is great news for members,” explains Anne Dalgleish of Nationwide. “At Nationwide we’re committed to making people’s lives easier, and we’re delighted to be able to keep delivering that promise.”
    Although the increase has already happened, retailers have been given until 31 October to make the change. This means that on some occasions you may still have to use your chip and PIN to make the transaction, if it’s over £20

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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