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    Next meeting of the Computer Group is on Thursday 28th May 2.30pm at the NAC.  U3A member David Pinch has kindly agreed to give us a talk on simple computer programming.  I understand some of the Maths Group are joining us. David has created a little game that you can download, with notes on how it was created.  We attached a zip file below for you to download.

    David has written software to play the old matchstick game Nim.  It is Player vs Computer.  The Player starts with a winning position, so if he/she plays perfectly then he/she will win.  The computer always plays perfectly, so if the player slips up then it is a loss.  David will explain how be created the Game.  We will have copies of the notes printed out for the meeting and the game on a memory stick if you want to bring you laptop to try it out.  If creating a game sounds somewhat technical, seeing how programs are created will surely fascinate you.

    Finally, if anyone has a computer related problem to discuss please bring it along for us to share. If it is really important to you It might help if you could email your question to me before the meeting. 

    Non-Computer Group members welcome as always.  Nothing 'Nerdy” about the Pembrokeshire U3A Computer Group – I promise you!

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