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    Well after much agonising, a long discussion and a hard fought election the Group finally appointed Geoff Winterman as the Leader for the next 12 months!  ;D

    Frankly, it wasn't quite like that, but I am honoured to have been asked by the Computer Group members at yesterday's meeting to take over from John Hadley (a hard act to follow) as the organiser.  Tribute has already be voiced on the FORUM (click here to see them) to John's many years as organiser and the time and patience he applied to nurturing the Group and helping and informing members.  Please keep coming along John!! :)

    I do hope I do not disappoint!

    No other changes were mooted.  The monthly meeting will continue on the usual Thursday at the usual time in the  usual room at the NAC ….. so I look forward to see you all in October.

    I would like each meeting, however informal and wide ranging they might become, to have a theme.  So next month we are going to take a look at Resizing Images to make them more suitable to send via email or posting on websites and forums such as this one.

    We will continue catering for all abilities from the expert to the basic learner, and I do hope those of you who have experience will be willing to help support the more uncertain members, and make a contribution towards making our groups even more successful………I would also like to suggest that those of you who have laptops might consider bringing them along to the meeting in future.  To have a few computers around when we break for coffee and the more informal part of the meeting will give us more to chat & discuss! 

    I am keen to make this Forum the centre for information, exchanging ideas, asking questions and making suggestions for events or meetings for all of the local U3A but especially for members of the Computer Group.  So posts of your ideas for the theme of future meetings here –  from you – would be appreciated. 

    If you have any difficulty with the technical part of registering for the Forum do not hesitate – contact me.

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