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    Way back in November 2016 I pointed out in the Newsletter that I had been running the Computer Group for a considerable time.  I felt that I was running out of ideas and I had other enthusiasms I wish to pursue, in particular setting up another U3A Group.  I intended to retire as Group Leader at the first meeting of the new year (January 2017).  Unfortunately, no-one wished to take over so I reluctantly agreed that I would continue “managing” the group as simple a discussion group for the time being.

    I decided to suspend organising any more meetings of the Computer Group at the NAC for the summer months this year.  Accommodation and facilities at Neyland Athletic Club seem uncertain and not very hospitable.  I suspect the Computer Group might need to look for a new temporary home with the winter months approaching.

    Over recent years the whole field of Information and Communication Technology has been transformed.  I think now it is time to take another look at what kind of U3A Group is appropriate in these changing times.  Maybe fragmenting the subject by setting up a “Programming Group”, creating a “Technology Group” or even merging or having joint meetings with the “Photography Group” might be appropriate!  Gone are the days when everyone just had the worry of a Windows computer sitting in the corner of the room.  Whatever emerges will have my full support – but I will NOT be the Group Leader.

    So I have decided NOT to restart the Group this Autumn, but would be happy to support anyone else wishing to take an IT Group forward.  Finally, I would like to thank the regulars who have attended over the years for their enthusiasm and support.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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